Will Ferrell makes yet another memorable splash on the big screen in Jon Favreau’s sweet and hilarious Christmas fable. Ferrell is Buddy, an innocent figure who was raised as an elf in the North Pole by his adoptive father, Papa Elf (Bob Newhart). When Buddy discovers that he’s actually a human being, he heads to New York City to reunite with his biological father. The trouble is that his dad, Walter (James Caan), is a publishing executive who doesn’t have time for anything other than work. Buddy moves in with Walter and his family, and proceeds to teach them a lesson or two about what being a family really means. Meanwhile, he also falls head over heels in love with the incredibly cute department store clerk, Jovie (Zooey Deschanel). By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, the general lack of spirit in the air threatens to ground Santa for the big night. He must rely on Buddy’s expertise and overall enthusiasm to ensure that Christmas will be saved once again. Favreau’s film is family entertainment at its finest, featuring a performance by Ferrell that is at once innocent, tender, and laugh-out-loud funny. A stellar supporting cast–including Caan, Deschanel, Newhart, and Faizon Love–adds to the film’s already overabundant charm.

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  1. Conor Thompson, P7 says:

    I thought “Elf” was really funny. It is a great film. My favorite part was when Buddy tried to walk across the road and a car drove him over and my favorite character was Buddy.But I also liked the Park Rangers. My least favorite character was Walter Hobbs. The funniest part I thought was when Buddy went into the women’s changing rooms. I rate this movie four out of five because it is just a great family film to watch.
    P.S.- I think Buddy’s decorating skills are out of this world.

  2. Niamh P.6. says:

    I have seen this film loads’ of times before and it is getting kind of boring now so that is why I give it four stars and not five stars. But I did like some of it though like when Buddy bought his father a ladies thing and card. My favourite part was when Buddy started singing in the bathroom when the girl was in the shower.

  3. Ger McElholm p7 says:

    I thought Elf was really good.It is about an orphan boy who sneaks into Santa’s sack.Then when he’s older he goes to New York City to find his real father. But he finds out his real dad is on the naughty list. He also sees a girl who he really likes and tries to ask her on a date. My favourite part was when a gang of boys started throwing snowballs at him and his brother. I really liked this film, I think it’s the best Christmas movie ever. I will recommend this film to anyone. It’s a really good family film. I’m giving this film five stars.

  4. Ciara Harkin P.5. says:

    I’ve seen this film before and it got a bit boring at times and a bit funny at times thats why I give this film 3 stars.My favourite part was when Bubby bought his dad a dress and a card with a big picture of Santa on it.It was horrible when Buddy was singing in the womens bathroom when the girl was in the shower.I thought it was good the first time I seen it but that time it wasn’t as good.

  5. Alen Barrun P.7 says:

    Will Ferrell’s one of my favourite comedians. I really love, really love, the film, ELF. Will Ferrel was funny(also known as Buddy). Buddy was a happy, excited character. Sometimes, he’s sad when his dad was angry at him. Michael (Buddy’s brother) was my second favourite character. ELF is so good!! You have got to watch it, the ones that never watched it before. I will recommend this movie to the people who haven’t watched it before. But I gave it four stars because I’ve watched it like a lot of times but I still loved it and enjoyed it with my friends.

  6. Eoghan P.7 says:

    I thought ‘Elf’ was so funny!Will Ferrell is really funny in the film and he perfectly suits the character Buddy.Buddy was definitely my favourite character.I thought that the best scene was when Buddy got bit by a racoon because it was hilarious.I would recommend this film a family film.I also thought it was one of the funniest films I’ve seen in my life and would love to see it again.

  7. Grainne P.6 says:

    I have seen this film a lot of times before so I am getting kind of bored of it although some parts of it were ok. My favourite part was when buddy decorated the shop I also liked the part when Santa’s sleigh crashed. The part I hated the most was when buddy and the other girl kissed. Other than that I would recommend this film to everybody in the world!!!

  8. Conal Devlin P.5 says:

    I love this film.It is so funny.I could watch it over and over again,but I would get really tired.The reason I gave it four stars was because I have seen alot before so I knew what was going to happen.It is the best movie EVER!!!My favourite character is buddy.He is really funny and nearly smiled the whole way through. He had a big goofy smile,like Goofy from Mickey Mouse.I would recomend it for any age. This was a really good movie and I really enjoyed it.

  9. aoife collins P5 says:

    Elf is a funny film, I have saw it many times before.It is about a baby who sees a teddy and climbs into Santa’s sack. When Santa goes home the baby comes out of the sack.He grows up there and then goes back to New York to find his real dad. The funniest part was when he was hit by a taxi. I would give this film 4 stars.

  10. erin collins P5 says:

    Elf is a very funny film. Buddy grows up in the North Pole and the goes back to New York to find his dad. His wasn’t a very nice dad. The funniest part was when he nearly got run over by a taxi. I would give this film 4 stars.

  11. caolanP6 says:

    Elf is the 5th best movie I have ever seen. I love the part when the snowball fight started. I give it 5 stars

  12. caolanP6 says:

    Sorry my computer went off. I loved the part when the snowball fight started and when we was almost ran over by the taxi.i would give it 5 stars.

  13. Emma P.6. says:

    Elf was a good film. I really enjoyed it. I love the bit were he put sweets in his dinner, that was horrible. I would really watch it again.

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