Space Jam

Space Jam

Threatened with being kidnapped and taken to Moron Mountain by the Nerdlucks, Bugs Bunny and co propose a winner-takes-all basketball game in this live action cartoon.

Confident that mega-star Michael Jordan will ensure their victory, they are surprised with the prowess of their foes.

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  1. Lauren p.7 says:

    Space Jam was fantastic. I’ve watched it before but it was still brilliant. Bugs Bunny was really funny in it. The aliens were so big and creepy when they stole the basket ball players’ talent. I’d love to watch it again. I’d give it 10/10.

  2. Matthew P.6 says:

    I really enjoyed that movie. It was really interesting and I loved Bugs Bunny, he was the funniest. I thought it was cool when they were playing basketball with the powers!

  3. Courtney P6 says:

    I thought Space Jam was very funny. It was funny when bugs bunny put the red paint on the monsters bottom. It was funny when the dog charlies kept licking his face. I liked the bit when the little mouse kept talking about basket-ball. It was funny when Daffy the Duck went to the basket-ball court and no one cheered.

  4. emma P6 says:

    Space Jam was very good but it was not the best film. My favourite part was when Bugs Bunny drank water and thought it was magic stuff. My favourite character was Daffy Duck.

  5. Conor Thompson, P7 says:

    I have seen Space Jam before but it’s as if it gets funnier every time. Space Jam is about a retired basketball player (Michael Jordon) who has to play a basketball game against tiny aliens who are from a planet called Moron Mountain. My favourite character was Bugs Bunny. I will therefore rate this movie four out of five because it’s unique and original.

  6. Caolan Brogan P6 says:

    Space Jam was so funny.I had never seen it before so i loved it.It was funny when the big monster’s pants came off.It was cool when he went to pick up the golf ball from the hole and he went down the hole and his shoes were gone and then he went into loony tune land. I would give it 1000/1000

  7. Doyle mc laughlin p.6 says:

    I liked the film it was funny. My favourite actor was Bugs Bunny. My favourite part is when the basket ball game started.It was just a little too long but besides that, it was good to watch.

  8. Niamh P.6. says:

    I thought this was a brilliant film. I have not seen this before. My favourite part was when the cartoons’ came in, it was really funny. I don’t know why it was called space jam though.

  9. Alen Barrun P.7 says:

    SPACE JAM was really good but I wouldn’t say that it was fantastic. Michael Jorden was actually very good at acting and I did not know that. Bugs Bunny was funny and the other cartoon characters were also funny and very good. SPACE JAM might be my 4th favorite animation movie in Filmclub.

  10. Eoghan P.7 says:

    I loved ‘Space Jam’ because it was hilariously funny.My favourite cartoon character has to be Bugs Bunny but I did like the other characters as well.My favourite scene was definitely the big tournament at the end of the film.I would definitely recommend this film for everyone and I would not mind at all watching it again.

  11. Grainne P.6 says:

    Space Jam was a good film. It was not the best film I have watched in film club but it was still good. To be honest I did not really have a favourite character or a favourite part.

  12. Ger McElholm p7 says:

    I didn’t really like Space Jam. It was ok it was probably the worst film at filmclub. It’s about a basketball player and the looney tunes who come together and play a basketball game against some aliens who are trying to get the loony tunes to go to their planet. I giving this film three stars.

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