Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift

Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift

Manny, Diego, and Sid embark upon another adventure after their continent is set adrift. Using an iceberg as a ship, they encounter sea creatures and battle pirates as they explore a new world.

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  1. Sinead p5 says:

    Ice Age 4 Continental Drift is a movie about a mum and her daughter who got split up from their father who ended up going to battle at sea. There was one bit that I thought was really funny. The tiger thought he was sick but the father didn’t agree because he thinks the tiger is in love with another tiger. The father said ” I think you have the L word” but then Sidney who is not very clever said ” yeah Leprosy”
    The film was very funny from start to finish and had everyone in stitches laughing. I really enjoyed this film.

  2. Grainne P.6 says:

    I thought Ice Age 4 was alright because I had seen it before. My favourite part was when the monkey started to sing. I would DEFINTLY recommend this to lots and lots of other families!!!

  3. Eoghan P.7 says:

    I thought ‘Ice Age 4 Contimental Draft’ was an amazing film because it was hilariously funny.My favourite character is definitely Sid because I thought he was the funniest character but the other characters were good as well.I would recommend this to anybody and would not mind watching it again.

  4. aoife collins P5 says:

    Ice Age 4 is one of my favourite films . I have seen this film many times. My favourite character is Peaches. The funniest part was when the Granny got the giant teeth. I would give this film 5 stars and will watch the film again.

  5. erin collins P5 says:

    Ice Age 4 is so funny. I have watched this film many times. The funniest part was when the granny got the giant teeth. She was my favourite character. I will give this film 5 stars. i will watch this film again.

  6. Ciaran McCrory says:

    I think Ice Age 4 Continental was an ok film. I thought it was slightly funny but I would prefer a movie more mature. I might have enjoyed this film more if I hadn’t seen it before in the cinema .Some of it I found a little boring but most of it was good enough. I would give it six out of ten .

  7. Niamh Harkin p.6. says:

    I thought this was a really good film I have the D.V.D. of it. I really enjoyed the part when Sid’s family came and left Sid’s granny behind. My favourite character was the granny I also liked Louis. My favourite part was when the granny put the giant teeth in.

  8. Ciara Harkin P.5. says:

    Ice Age 4 is a really good film and I enjoyed it a lot. My favourite part was when Sid made the really big teeth for granny.My favourite character was granny because she was really funny when she walked of the side of the ice. Some of this film was quite boring at parts but the rest was ok. Sid was really funny too when he made the neckleace for Diego. Sid’s family came and pretended that they cared about him and they didn’t really and left him and his granny behind.

  9. Alen Barrun P.7 says:

    I really love Ice Age 4 because it was funny and it’s for children. I’ve watched it before but I still loved the film. My favourite character was the tiny squirrel who can never get his nut. I love every single bit of the film. I will recommend this to my other friends and families.

  10. caolanP6 says:

    I loved this movie. I saw it before but it gets funnier every time. I loved the part when Manny said “Sid don’t eat those berries they will paralyse you,” and Sid said,”I know my berries.” I would love to see it again.

  11. Ger McElholm p7 says:

    I thought Ice Age 4 was really funny. It was about a sloth, a tiger and a mammoth and there’s a big earthquake and they can’t find their family. They then are in the ocean with a big ice block which they use as a boat. Then they see another ship and think someone found them but it’s actually a group of mean and armed pirates. My favourite part was when the granny started hitting Sid the sloth. I really liked this film and would recommend this film to anyone. This film would be a great family film. I am giving this film 5 stars.

  12. Courtney Mitchell P6 says:

    I thought Ice Age 4 was fine. I loved the bit when Sid gave the granny teeth. And the wee hamsters were funny doing their dance.

  13. Niamh Monaghan P7 says:

    I thought Ice Age 4 Continental Drift was very good and funny, it was about a sloth called Sid, a tiger called Manny and a mammath called Diego. My favourite bit was when Sid the sloth put big teeth in his granny’s mouth and my favourite animal was definetely Louis.I would recommend this to anyone, it is great.

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