General Aims of the School

In order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for every pupil in a safe, caring, secure and stimulating environment we aim:

  1. to develop good relationships within both the classroom and school
  2. to value pupils, staff and parents as individuals and ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect
  3. to co-operate with the home, the parish and the wider community in the promotion of good behaviour and self-discipline
  4. to foster in the children responsible attitudes and values so that they may become prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adolescent and adult life
  5. to encourage the Catholic ethos of the school so that the moral and religious development of each child is fully realised
  6. to present the children with a stimulating and imaginative environment both inside and outside the classroom so that learning, success and personal satisfaction for themselves are achieved

Of paramount importance in helping to achieve these aims will be the need for the development of mutual trust and the building and fostering of good relationships at every level.

Board of Governors

The W.E.L.B. Rep. and Chairman: Mr Pat Darcy
Trustee Representative: Rev. Fr. E Hassan
Trustee Representative: Mrs Michelle Collins
Trustee Representative: Mrs Bernadette Broderick
Trustee Representative: Mrs Sheila Mullin
WELB Representative: Mrs Bernie Harkin
Parent Representative: Mrs Collette McCann
DENI Representative: Mr Tony Teague
Teacher’s Representative: Mrs Annette Breen
Secretary: Mr Jarlath McElholm

Staff Members

P1: Mrs A. Breen
P2/P3: Mrs B. Mellon
P4/P5: Mr C Kelly
P6/P7: Mr J. McElholm
 P1 Classroom Assistant: Miss F. McDermott
P2 Classroom Assistant: Ms S Funston
Classroom Assistant (Special Needs): Mrs B. Meyler
Secretary: Mrs N. McElholm
Caretaker: Mr C Harkin
Canteen Assistant: Mrs N. White

Admissions Procedure

If you wish to enrol your child in Sacred Heart Primary School you must complete an enrolment form (available from our secretary) and return it with your child’s birth certificate to the school. A copy of the school’s Admission Criteria can be found in the EANI’s Primary Schools Admission’s Guide.

Parents of  Primary One children will receive an invitation to an induction day when they will receive an Induction Booklet. This details all aspects of school life for parents whose child is a first child at the school, the opportunity to see the school facilities, when their child can visit the school and meet their teacher in what will be their first classroom.

Class Size and Composition

In line with DENI guidelines, class sizes in Sacred Heart Primary School do not exceed 30 pupils. The average number of pupils per class at present is a very healthy 20. This low pupil/teacher ratio ensures more quality learning time for your child and the school and governors remain committed to trying to maintain this low pupil/teacher ratio where financially possible.

Child Protection

In accordance with recent legislation Sacred Heart Primary School operates a “Child Protection Policy.” The teacher responsible for advising staff about Child Protection is Mr J McElholm, with Mrs A Breen the deputy designated teacher.

Attendance and Absence

Children are obliged to attend school for 190 days. Any absence should be accompanied by a note to explain a reason for absence, so as to keep records for the EANI’s Educational Welfare Officer.

We pride ourselves on having outstanding attendance figures as it reflects well on the relationships within the school. Our current attendance figures are 97.0% and we actively acknowledge full attendance at prizegiving with awards and EANI certificates.

Pupil Welfare and Pastoral Care

The staff in the school work closely with pupils and parents to ensure the well being of all the pupils in the school. Parents are invited to discuss any matters of concern with their child’s class teacher and an appointment can be arranged at a mutually suitable time to facilitate this. In the past we found that any misunderstandings and potential problems can be avoided if they are dealt with openly and quickly.

The Principal will also be available to discuss any matters of concern to parents or children at any time but it is advisable to make an appointment to ensure an uninterrupted period of consultation.